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The Barco DP4K-32B is an ultra-bright Enhanced 4K cinema projector for screens up to 32m (105ft). Featuring Texas Instruments` 1.38” DLP Cinema® chip, the DP4K-32B is specifically designed to ensure a razor-sharp movie experience on premium cinema screens. It combines this ultra-sharp image quality with an easy-to-use modular design, exceptional long lifetime and lowest cost of ownership.

Vibrant color accuracy

The top-of-the-line DP4K-32B brings stunning images in Enhanced 4K resolution (4,096 x 2,160), combined with ultimate brightness and vibrant color-accuracy time after time.

Ultimate brightness

Thanks to its highly efficient optical design and patented DMD cooling system, the DP4K-32B is the brightest cinema projector in its class - your guarantee for an unequalled, premium cinema experience.

Also available as fully integrated DC package

The DP4K-32B projector is also available as fully integrated, ready-to-use projection and media server solution. This DP4K-32Bx packagecombines the Barco DP4K-32B projector with a Doremi ShowVault and IMB media server. The package offers a worry-free solution for all theaters that wish to go digital with a minimal hassle and risk. Another major plus is that this integrated system is compatible today with higher frame rates up to 120 fps in 2D and 60 fps in 3D, which makes it a perfect match for playing out HFR releases. 


Barco DP4K-32B



Digital MicroMirror Device™ 3 x 1.38" DC4K dark metal devices
Native resolution 4,096 x 2,160 pixels
Housing Hermetically sealed DMDs and optical assembly
Lamp 3kW - 7kW (Xenon lamp)
Light output 33,000 lumens (6.5 kW lamp)
Screen size Up to 32m / 105 ft wide
Contrast ratio 2,000:1
(typical value when using a high contrast lens)
Digital Video Inputs Slot for 2 x SMPTE 292M inputs or 4K Integrated Media Block
2 x DVI input
both selectable as single and dual link
Control I/O Ethernet, 8x GPIO, Serial RS232
Prime lenses 1.13 - 1.66
1.27 - 1.86
1.45 - 2.13
1.63 - 2.53
1.95 - 3.26
2.53 - 4.98
equivalent throw ratios for 4K 1.38" DMD
Projector diagnostics via PC touch panel
via Communicator control software
via SNMP agent
Power requirements 3W+N+PE 230/400V 16A 50-60Hz or 3W+PE 208V 27A 50-60Hz
30,000 BTU/hr (with 6.5kW - 7kW lamp)
Dimensions 604(H) x 754(W) x 1129(D) mm
23.78(H) x 29.69(W) x 44.45(D) inch
NB.: min. 5 cm of air inlet spacing required at the bottom of projector
Weight 141 kg (311 lbs)
Ambient temperature 35°C / 95°F Max.
Exhaust airflow 350 CFM
Standard Features CLO (Constant Light Output)
Powerful SNMP agent
Motorized/memorized lens (focus, zoom & shift)
HDCP support
Full 2K triple flash 3D
Advanced patented DMD cooling
Options 4K Integrated Media Block
3D add-ons
Touch panel
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